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About Us

Slated is an online entertainment industry marketplace. Its mission is to connect professional filmmakers, investors and industry executives to projects, talent, financing and sales.

Slated simplifies the process of discovery by quantifying and highlighting the best projects in the marketplace. Armed with Slated’s Package Score, filmmakers, investors, sales agents and distributors can now see at a glance each project’s true value. The package score is based on three distinct features of every project: the strength of the team, the quality of the script, and the potential for financial returns.

Any project can access investors through Slated’s self-service financing & syndication tools, for free. And projects with Package Scores of 60+ can qualify for full-service financing & syndication.

Films listed on Slated attracted $322M in financing last year. 65% of Sundance 2015 films that sold at the festival and also two-thirds of films that won prizes were made by Slated members.