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Tom Bindley

Managing Partner at Garden Thieves Pictures. Writer. Recovering management consultant. Before joining GTP, helped promote films in their catalog (Ballou; Skatopia) and independent film in DC.

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Marketing research in Silicon Valley -> online advertising -> grad school for public policy -> stint in the Federal Government -> strategic consultant -> film production and distribution.

My career has been blessed by a fair amount of serendipity. Over the past few years I've been helping to promote some independent films, including serving as the publicity director for Garden Thieves' first feature-length film, "Ballou." I'm now leveraging my strategic consulting, business management, client relations, and new media experience to grow the company by adding to and promoting films in the Garden Thieves catalog and supporting the overall growth of Washington, DC’s independent film industry.

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  • Ballou (2008)
    Publicity Director


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