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Naomi B...

CEO and Founder Rainsworth Productions, Producer/Casting Director/Actress/Opera Singer/Investor originally from Australia, Exec Producer of "Subconscious", Co-Exec of "Audition"

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Full time producer and actress; CEO of Rainsworth Productions, a production company specialising in features and documentaries, and casting agency. Over the past year I was executive producer on 3 films, actress in half a dozen, VFX artist on 2 features, and producer of 3 features. Currently have 4 feature films slated for the next 2 years: scifi comedy to be filmed in NY, thriller to be filmed in NY, black comedy to be filmed in Paris, and road trip comedy to be filmed in Australia. I always enjoy helping out on other people's projects when I can, and welcome any involvement in my own! I'm especially interested in being involved with acting work and casting. Please feel free to contact me and let me know about your project!

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  • Skirting Authority
    Producer · Executive Producer · Investor
    AUDITION (2014)
    Co-Executive Producer · Investor
  • VFX coordinator
  • Subconscious (2013)
    Executive Producer · Actor · Casting Director · Investor


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